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School LED Displays

We specialise in electronic school signs.

Our signs are assembled locally and comply with New Zealand standards.
We provide on-going support.
We offer special discounts for schools.

In order for us to ascertain the best suitable sign for your school, we will need to know the required visibility.
The above will determine price.

By using our software it is easier to upload text and images to the sign.
We offer a wide range of school signs to suite your needs and budget.
Our sign resolutions range from a full colour small pitch of 4mm up to 10mm.
A small pitch of 4mm is used to display close-up, full colour, high quality images.
A larger pitch is cheaper because there are less LED’s per s2m.
Large pitch is suitable to display text only.
Pitch is the distance between the centre of the adjacent two pixels. The smaller the pitch, the higher the clarity.
We offer these signs in full colour or single colours of red, yellow, green or pure white.

We can customise the sign to integrate your school logo.
We offer polycarbonate protective sheeting in front of the sign to protect against vandalism.

Technical data:

Options of pitch...............4,5,6,8,and 10mm
Enclosure : ........ Fabricated aluminum casing IP65

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