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Indoor LEDs Displays

The advantages of LEDs compare to LCD or plasma display:

1) LEDs have better brightness and impact compare to standard LCD monitor.
2) LEDs signs can be made to any screen size or shape.
3) We can customise to integrate your company logo.
4) With our LED software its easier to upload text, images to the sign .
5) Local support .

We offer a wide range of indoor displays to suite your needs.

Our sign resolutions range from a full colour small pitch of 1.9mm up to 10mm.
The smaller pitch is used to display close-up, full colour, high quality images.
A larger pitch is more cost effective because there are less LED’s per s2m.
It is suitable to display text only.
We offer these signs in full colour or single colours of red, yellow, green or pure white.

The advantage of indoor LED signs, compared to a standard off the shelf LCD monitor.
is that LED is brighter thus creating better impact to the potential viewer.
Unlike standard monitors, LED signs consist of small modules which can build up to any size to suite your needs.
We have the tools to customise the casings, including a curved face, to integrate your company style or logo.
Our signs are supplied with an easy-to-use software allowing the user to upload text or images, wirelessly from their local PC.
Their is no need for data cables. Our signs are assembled locally and we provide on-going support.

Technical data:

Options of character height in full colour display................17,28,35,42,56 and 70mm
Options of character height in a single colour display..........70 and 98mm
Enclosure : ........ Fabricated aluminum casing or cost effective extruded aluminum

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